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20-021-RO Floods in Niger (Activated)

CARE has submitted an alert on the floods in Niger. The DERF was activated for the alterted crisis. 

On 20 August, the Niger River left its bed in several places causing extensive damage and loss of life. The heavy rain has continued through September, worsening the situation. In Niamey the river dike broke in the beginning of September causing even more flooding, significantly affecting very poor areas of the city. The government of Niger’s assessment shows that 52.404 households 432.613 people are affected. The worst hit regions are Maradi, Agadez and the capital Niamey, but across the country houses have been damaged or collapsed and rice paddies, vegetable gardens, cattle and other key livelihood sources have been destroyed.

Affected people have been moved to schools for shelter, thus increasing exposure to COVID-19, malaria, hygiene related diseases as well as GBV.

According to the Minister of Humanitarian Action and Disaster Management more than 200,000 people are currently not receiving the needed humanitarian aid. The affected populations need food, shelter, non-food items and protection materials against COVID-19 as well as support to rebuilding their houses


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