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21-009-SP Alert Note Chin Refugees In Mizoram (Not activated)

Myanmar Action Group Denhar has submitted an alert regarding the emergency relief for Chin refugees in Mizoram. 

The combined impact of Covid-19 starting in 2020 and the attempted military coup of February
2021 have created a humanitarian crisis across Myanmar, with an unprecedented displacement of
over 223,000 people (Refugees International October 2021). Six months after the coup, the World
Bank forecast that Myanmar’s economy would contract by 18%, doubling poverty levels from 2019
to 2022 (World Bank 2021). The coup has brought great deterioration and upheaval, with conflict
and the military’s blocking of aid further restricting the humanitarian response. The deliberate
targeting of healthcare workers by security forces, with over 260 incidences of such attacks
recorded by WHO since February, has further restricted the ability of civilians to access
healthcare. Forced internet blackouts, power shutdowns and banking restrictions have also made
the transfer of money via online banking increasingly difficult, and in some places impossible,
further restricting the response from humanitarian organisations. In addition, this has caused
massive disruptions to supply chains of food, resources, medicines and humanitarian aid.