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21-001-RO DERF Alert note Drought in Somalia - ARD-Action for Relief And Development (Not activated)

 ARD-Action for Relief And Development has submitted an alert regarding drought in Somalia.

DERF has decided not to activate the alert.

In the beginning of 2021 came a drought that hit hard in Bay, Gedo, lower Jubba, Bakool and middle Jubba. Due to the amount of rain that fell in March-April-June 2021 Gedo, Bakool, parts of the Bay region and Galmudug are facing extreme drought again.

The nature of the crisis is severe drought hit by a weak and vulnerable population in many parts of Somalia, particularly Gedo, Bay, Bakool, Galmudug and Awdal region. The drought is as always severe with the weakest of the population and according to the local government in Gedo, OCHA and other sources, many are affected by the drought in the above-mentioned areas, where the population in this area have been affected by the drought. The worst affected group are the farmers who were dependent on rain-fed crops and the nomads and therefore are lack of food and for their family and the animals and need food security water to survive. Poor rains and extended drought over multiple seasons have had a major impact on rural livelihoods and food security in Gedo, parts of Bay, Bakool, Galmudug and Awdal regions among others. There is a need for water supply for the nomads in remote areas and food and nutrition for the most vulnerable population groups in the above-mentioned areas.


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