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20-022 RO Flash Floods in Somalia (Not Activated)

OFROSOM has submitted an alert on the flash floods in Somalia. The DERF was not activated to the alerted crisis because of no avaialbility og DERF funds.

In Somalia since late June, Hagaa riverine and flash floods have affected over 250,000 people in Hirshabelle, South West, Jubaland states as well as Sanaag and Banadir regions; of whom about 183,000 were displaced from their homes by floods. Over 85 percent of the displacement occurred in the two most affected regions in the Shabelle river basin - Lower Shabelle (South West State) and Middle Shabelle (Hirshabelle State). The floods have inundated thousands of hectares of farmland and damaged property, irrigation infrastructure, water points and roads; disrupting the livelihoods of thousands of people, and exacerbating acute watery diarrheoa cases. The Shelter Cluster estimates that 150,000 people need urgent shelter and NFI assistance due to flooding. There are reports that, there has been massive sedimentation along the Shabelle river-bed in the recent past, which has caused a rise in the riverbed of about 0.5 metres.


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